Beet.TV Video Series: How to Thrive This Upfront Season and Beyond

June 13, 2023

This upfront season marks a major shift within the TV advertising marketplace. Premium inventory spans more platforms and screens than ever, providing buyers with new opportunities and complexities to navigate.

AudienceXpress partnered with Beet.TV for a new, multi-part video series, The TV Upfronts in Transition, to tackle the major trends shaping all sides of the TV ecosystem. Featuring industry leaders from the buy-, sell-, tech- and research-sides of the industry, each video reveals key insights on how buyers can maximize cross-platform TV investments—both during upfront season and beyond.


Audience Targeting & Business Confidence Will Drive This Year’s Upfront TV Ad Deals

Chris Harris, VP, Advanced TV Ad Sales, AudienceXpress

Chris discusses how advertisers are leveraging audience targeting to ensure they’re reaching the most engaged audiences possible. He delves into how AudienceXpress’ new analytics solution is enabling clients to create and target specific audience segments and access near real time insight mid- and post-campaign.


Capabilities Join Content in TV’s Upfront Ad Season

Marlessa Stivala, Senior Manager, Marketing Lead, AudienceXpress

Marlessa explains how TV has evolved into the “full package:” the premium, brand-safe content audiences and advertisers have loved for decades, now powered by more accurate data-driven capabilities to empower buyers during every stage of their campaigns.


Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Platform TV Advertising

Eric Fischer, Founder, HJA Strategic Marketing

Eric shares a buy-side perspective on leveraging data for maximizing cross-platform TV campaigns, particularly as CTV continues to grow. He stresses the need for advertisers to leverage an effective and efficient planning tool to manage KPIs and embrace buying across multiple platforms.



Watch the entire series here