Maximize Performance Across Converged TV

By: Marlessa Stivala, November 16, 2023

TV has always been king when it comes to driving brand awareness, but the medium – inclusive of linear and streaming TV platforms – is increasingly important for maximizing performance, as well. For performance-minded advertisers, it’s reaching the most responsive audiences that is king. These buyers want to ensure their ad dollars are working as efficiently and effectively as possible to drive their performance goals, such as gaining new subscribers or selling more products online.

That’s why it’s critical for performance-based buys to be powered by accurate, near-real-time data insights throughout the duration of a campaign.

Here’s how we at AudienceXpress ensure that at every step:

Target the Right Audiences

The audiences watching your ad don’t matter if they aren’t authentically engaging with your brand’s messaging. That’s why we work with you at the start of every campaign to target holistically across linear and streaming to make sure you’re reaching the precise audience you want.

Our scale spans platforms and screens, including 125+ cable networks directly through the MVPDs across all 210 DMAs, 1,000+ local and national broadcast stations, ~60M unique streaming homes, and all major sports and tentpole events – anywhere and anytime they air.

All our content is premium, professionally produced, and brand safe. And our proprietary analytics solution, powered by Comcast, allows you to build fully customizable audience segments—down to audience viewing habits, exposure to ads, and more—to fit campaign objectives. Combine Comcast’s aggregated viewership and ad exposure data with your first-party data or licensed third-party data to ensure you’re continually reaching only the most engaged audiences.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

We know how important nimbleness and flexibility are to maximizing performance. When you work with us, you consistently have access to near-real-time performance, reach, and frequency insights for the entire campaign. These insights empower you to continuously monitor and optimize, even mid-campaign, to achieve your KPIs.

Post-campaign, we provide in-depth, transparent reporting to guide decisions for all future campaigns.

With this combination of unique targeting, attribution, and continuous optimization capabilities, we make sure your campaign reaches engaged audiences to drive performance with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Case Study: Performance in Action

An insurance company came to us looking to achieve two KPIs: increase sales leads and drive incremental lift in policies written.

We worked with this client on a custom campaign – inclusive of streaming TV content – in key markets and with a specific audience target based on a combination of age, income, and individuals in market for financial services.

Here are the results:

73% total lift in sales leads; +26% increase in policies written among the target audience

To guarantee your linear and streaming TV ad investments are driving performance, you need a media partner that can enable data-driven insights and deliver powerful results.

Work with AudienceXpress to target customizable audience segments, use dynamic insights to continuously optimize, and access in-depth reporting to ensure accurate results.