CTV & Premium Video Advertising Glossary

May 13, 2022

Premium Video

Premium video is highly curated, digital video content that is targeted to engage a specific audience. Often premium video content is tied to OTT advertising and can be used to target a campaign to reach certain buyer profiles.

Premium video content can often have high production value, as it usually is longer-form content that can be tailored to different groups of people. The user experience is highly curated, creating a more granular source for advertising targeting.



CTV stands for “Connected TV”, a device that connects TV to the internet. CTVs can host OTT apps that are built into the device, so it is a central platform for streaming to live.

An example of a CTV might be a Roku or Apple TV device – a “smart” TV would also qualify as CTV. CTV advertising can be purchased programmatically because it is a device and targeting is not content-related.


Linear TV

Linear TV, also known as traditional TV, provides access to cable programming – it’s called linear because it can be accessed in a simple, traditional fashion via a linear stream. Advertising on a linear television platform can have benefits to local stations that are trying to reach a particular geographic audience within their local linear television network.

Linear television advertising can also be packaged with streaming TV, and campaigns can be served together across multiple platforms.


Streaming TV

Streaming TV is television and media that is delivered through an internet solution. To consume streaming TV, users will need a device that can connect to the internet. Streaming TV is distributed most commonly with CTV platforms or a streaming device connected to the television.

Advertising packages for streaming TV are typically segmented with other advertising mediums, such as CTV and OTT packages, to reach a fully executed campaign.



OTT, “over the top”, is a delivery method. Traditional linear TV content might be offered additionally as streamed over the internet, otherwise known as OTT. Companies began to appear offering strictly internet streamed content, and these were lumped into OTT as a category. Streaming TV, as it’s also sometimes called, can be accessed over a TV, but you can also log in to these services using your laptop or a phone to consume this content.


Incremental Reach

Incremental reach refers to the specific audiences that advertising campaigns – primarily OTT and linear campaigns – can touch.

You can measure incremental reach by dividing the goal target audience by number of impressions and then multiplying that number by 100. Doing this should give you an idea of how many people were touched by the campaign and potentially interacted with your brand’s message.