Comcast’s AudienceXpress and iSpot Announce New Data Collaborations Aimed at Enhancing Performance TV Marketing Solutions, Bringing New Data Sets to TV Measurement and Providing Attribution Reporting

March 25, 2024

The partnership is aimed at delivering much needed industry benefits, including innovative ways to precisely transact on TV and enhanced performance TV and attribution reporting capabilities.

AudienceXpress, a Comcast Advertising company, today announced a series of new data collaborations with iSpot, the TV measurement company used by top advertisers and agencies.

At its core, the two companies are teaming up to evaluate how iSpot’s syndicated national TV ratings can best be incorporated into the AudienceXpress platform.

The goal is to come up with new ways to bring new data sets to TV ad measurement, as well as to drive and enhance performance TV marketing solutions and provide attribution reporting in today’s fragmented, evolving and complex media landscape.

The effort is timely and significant as it comes during a pivotal point in TV advertising’s future: Across the ecosystem, new and established measurement and currency providers are introducing innovative technologies and solutions aimed at delivering more reliable and accurate means of TV ad measurement as viewing habits continue to shift.

“We are excited to be teaming up with iSpot,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer of AudienceXpress and FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry that is also part of Comcast Advertising. “Today’s TV ad landscape is incredibly fragmented, putting consumers in control. So much so that they watch content when, where and how they want it. As a trusted business partner to our clients, it’s our responsibility to make sure their ad dollars work smarter and that the ads they create reach their target audiences. As such, we’ve partnered with iSpot to help further drive accountability and reliability in this space.”

In addition to the agreement to evaluate iSpot’s national TV ratings, AudienceXpress will continue to work with DRMetrix and 605, both recent iSpot acquisitions, to pioneer enhanced industry reporting and attribution solutions.

Specifically, as part of its agreement with DRMetrix, AudienceXpress has access to direct response marketplace tools, insights and resources to help better understand today’s media and marketing landscape as well as to aid in prospecting new advertiser and agency clients.

AudienceXpress will also closely collaborate with iSpot’s 605 in order to find ways to deliver attribution studies in a more cost-effective and streamlined way. This agreement allows AudienceXpress to show marketers across various verticals the mid- and lower-funnel effectiveness of its portfolio of cross-screen media solutions.

“We’re proud to be working with AudienceXpress,” said Stuart Schwartzapfel, EVP, Media Partnerships, iSpot. “AudienceXpress is known for delivering market-leading, cross-screen media solutions globally, and we hope that by working with them, we can help further push the boundaries on new innovations and possibilities in the measurement and currency space.”

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About iSpot is a cross-platform TV measurement company trusted by brands, networks and agencies to deliver fast, accurate and actionable information the marketplace can use to transact. Its real-time, always-on platform measures all phases of the TV advertising lifecycle from creative testing to audience verification, to business outcomes and brand impact, empowering brands to justify, optimize and invest with confidence. iSpot persistently measures TV-device impressions and second-by-second attention for all TV ads in a unified manner across linear, time-shifted, VOD, streaming environments and out-of-home (OOH) environments. A trusted currency provider for networks, ad-delivery platforms and agencies, iSpot uses its proprietary systems for bringing transparency into TV advertising at unparalleled scale. The company delivers its solution in real time via intuitive and modern dashboards as well as APIs and customized analytics. has hundreds of brands and all major TV networks licensing its enterprise solution and has become a trusted currency for networks, brands and agencies. Founded in Bellevue, Washington in 2012, iSpot has offices in major cities across America.

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