2024 Cross-Platform TV Advertising Trends: What You Need to Know to Thrive

By: Marlessa Stivala, January 18, 2024

TV, now spanning platforms and screens and anchored by continuous innovation, is more dynamic than ever. It’s never been more important for ad buyers to be proactive to maximize their investments and authentically engage with consumers.

As the new year begins, AudienceXpress has put together the key trends we expect to impact media buying and selling in 2024:

TV Emerges as the Premier Performance Medium

One of TV’s biggest innovations in recent years has been its shift toward becoming a true performance medium. While TV has always been critical to reach and brand awareness, advancements in targeting, attribution, and continuous optimization capabilities have led TV to become a powerful medium for lower-funnel goals, too.

TV has become the full package: high-quality, brand-safe content across more platforms than ever, now empowering buyers’ full-funnel business goals. This year, we expect more advertisers than ever to embrace TV for performance in addition to traditional brand awareness.

Art Must Meet Science to Maximize Ad Investments

Powerful storytelling remains crucial, even as the way marketers tell stories – such as through the rise of interactive ads – continues to evolve. Still, all ad investments are only as good as their ability to successfully drive KPIs. In 2024, the most successful advertisers will be the ones that combine the art of authentic storytelling with the science of data-backed insights and continuous optimization.

Don’t Hesitate to Go FAST

As TV audiences continue to shift their viewing habits to OTT and CTV, FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels continue to gain momentum. It’s no surprise as to why. FASTs are a “triple win”: a new way for sellers to distribute live and on-demand content, free for audiences to watch, and a powerful way for advertisers to find engaged viewers who prefer ads to subscription fees. Moving forward, we expect FASTs to remain a key part of an impactful, cross-platform media mix.

Always-On Tech Is a Need, Not a ‘Nice-to-Have’

The proliferation of TV platforms and screens can seem overwhelming, but the rise of more sophisticated audience targeting tools means that fragmentation is an opportunity, not a problem. Specifically, precise audience targeting enables advertisers to ensure they are reaching the most engaged audiences possible – regardless of how they watch TV.

That’s why always-on tech – being able to create precise audience segments, based on viewing habits, brand ad exposure, and more, and optimize in real time – is a necessity. Shifting viewing habits are inevitable. A real-time view into a campaign’s actual reach, frequency, impressions, and performance will guarantee investments remain as efficient and effective as possible.