5 Advertising Musts for 2023, According to Marketing Leaders

January 12, 2023


When several marketers gathered in the fourth quarter of ’22, they listed several ‘must-do’ items to be successful in the year ahead. Among them, recognizing the increasingly important role of video, overcoming the challenges of a fragmented viewing audience, and valuing a ‘one viewer’ solution, were high on the list.

For Brian Wallach, head of revenue for programmatic TV sales at AudienceXpress, understanding how the consumption of advertising has evolved is high on the list of ‘musts.’

“Successful advertisers are consumers themselves, and oftentimes they admit they watch content in different ways,” he explained. “So now their planning and execution of media is adapting so that, if their desired audience isn’t all coming from traditional linear TV, they’re able to optimize and adapt and run media against other channels. We call these fluidity deals in the industry, where it’s less about whether it’s linear TV or digital, and more about reaching the right audience in quality programming.”

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